Why should I hire an independent educational consultant (IEC)?

The American School Counseling Association reports that the average public school student receives only 38 minutes of personal college guidance counseling in all four years of high school.  In addition, only 4 in 10 students report receiving any college advising. An IEC can provide individual attention and up-to-date knowledge of educational opportunities.  An IEC spends a significant amount of time with each client in order to understand the student and the family and their values and priorities when it comes to selecting a college.  An IEC helps to reduce stress by keeping the process manageable by being available, knowledgable, and committed to providing personalized attention to each student. 

Why is it important for an IEC to be a member of a professional organization?

Professional organizations (IECA, HECA, NACAC, etc.) provide ethical oversight, accountability, educational opportunities, and resources.  All members of these professional organizations must apply for membership.  To learn more, go to www.iecaonline.com and www.hecaonline.org.  

When is the best time to start working with Mayfield College Advising?

The best time to begin working together is in the sophomore or junior year of high school.

Where can I find out more about pricing?

Please email ginger@mayfieldcollegeadvising.com for pricing information.

Can we have a preliminary conversation before we decide whether or not to engage your services?

Of course! Please email ginger@mayfieldcollegeadvising.com to set up a time to talk.