Located in Birmingham, AL, Ginger Mayfield is an Independent College Advisor who is

committed to helping families approach and navigate the college admissions process with

purpose and confidence.

Ginger’s passion for helping students and families started a young age after watching her

father, Cleve Latham, start the college guidance office at the McCallie School in the late 1970s.

For two decades, he changed the course of young men’s lives by offering them personalized

and comprehensive college guidance. Watching her father at work taught Ginger that there are

many exciting paths after high school and that finding a college that is a good fit for a student is

critical to academic success and emotional health.

After graduating from Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga, TN in 2001 and earning an

undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University, Ginger began to purse a Masters in Counseling

from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. With this degree, she was then able to follow in

her father’s footsteps and work as a college guidance counselor in a school setting. Soon after,

she and her husband, Tommy, started a joint venture together helping parents and co-founded

Wyndy, a mobile app that connects parents and college babysitters.

Ginger is now excited to be back in the college admissions process and is excited to help

students and families through Mayfield College Advising. Ginger is an Associate Member of the

Independent Educational Consultants Association and a Provisional Member of the Higher

Education Consultants Association. She participates in several conferences and tours a year to

stay up to date on college admissions trends. She visits 25 colleges per year. Ginger is married

to Tommy Mayfield and they have two daughters, Polly and Louise.